Replacing Left Rear Door Lock Actuator / Latch on a
2000 Jeep "WJ" Grand Cherokee Laredo

Applicable for 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokees

I've had loads of problems with the door lock actuators on this thing (loud grinding noises, not locking, not unlocking, etc.). I figured I'd document the replacement process :)

This one's extremely easy, and the replacement part (Mopar part # 55135620AC, list $71.50) is already assembled, so you don't have to keep track of what pushrods go where on the lock side of things.

(Click on any of the pictures for larger image)

Remove one phillips-head screw here...

...and remove the Torx head screw behind the door handle (I used a T-20 driver, but it might be one size larger).

After removing the two screws, pop the trim panel off (it's only held in by a handful of retaining clips at this point). Use a screwdriver or trim pry tool. If you end up breaking the white plastic trim retainers, they are $1.75 each from the dealer (Mopar #6505539AA).

Pull the trim panel a few inches away from the door frame and disconnect the wiring harness and two yellow pushrod clips (all three indicated by the arrows). The trim panel should now be free from the door frame...

Peel back the water proofing plastic so you can reach the old door latch assembly. You'll need to disconnect the latch from the exterior door handle - it's held on by a pushrod clip (same thing you saw on the trim panel).

Remove three Torx T-30 screws and you'll be able to pull the old latch assembly out of the door (watch that you don't damage your speaker with the pushrods waving around). Disconnect the wiring harness from the latch.

Old door latch assembly removed from the vehicle. You don't need to remember where the pushrods go - the replacement part is completely assembled and includes pushrods.

New door latch - Mopar part # 55135620AC (list $71.50). Pushrods are pre-installed - installation is reverse of removal (and easier, actually).

And as usual, if you're working on your WJ and have questions about doing any of this stuff, send an e-mail.

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